How To Survive Pregnancy – A Man’s Guide

a mans guide

Hello there, in today’s post i will sharing tips on how to survive pregnancy as a man.

There she is your wonderful wife to whom you have dedicated your life. She is more beautiful than the day you met her and you are excited about life with her.

Everything is fun and games; it’s like two best friends exploring life together. Then it happens; she starts acting strange and everything starts to change. She isn’t sick, it’s something that most men go through at least once in their lives; pregnancy.

A Man’s Guide To Surviving Pregnancy

It’s true that women take the brunt of things physically; but men go through a lot emotionally. The things that men go through are often overlooked and treated as unimportant. However I believe that it’s very important that men are talked to and helped out as well.

They may not say much, but they do go through a lot.
When your wife is pregnant there are a lot of different reactions you can have. Of course you will probably be thrilled that your own baby will be coming into the world! You will probably start seeing your wife change emotionally pretty quickly.

However you might find yourself stressed, frustrated, unsure, and downright angry sometimes. Why? Because a lot of changes happen in the woman.

Sadly, as the husband you will probably become the third wheel in the family for a while. The attitude that you need to have in order to make it through the pregnancy without too many fights or problems is learning submission.

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You may be thinking right now, “Wait a second! Are you saying that I need to be my wife’s slave for nine months?” And my reply to you is, “Yes!” I too am a husband who has fought my way through pregnancy. Let me tell you, if you focus on her needs rather than your own things will go much smoother.

So submit! If the wife is hungry for something disgusting in the middle of the night, like cheese in her coffee, go get it for her! Yes, it’s not fun, but it is pregnancy. If the woman does nothing more than sleep and eat all day, just smile.

When she gets overly emotional about something that really doesn’t matter, just remember that it is only a temporary insanity and will pass.

How To Survive Your Wife’s Pregnancy

So being submissive is key number one to survival. Key number two is for your own emotions. There is the stress of wondering how you will financially take care of the little rascal. All the emotions of whether or not you will make a good father can’t be forgotten; and then there is simply trying to be patient with your wife. Losing your patience will never help.

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In fact all that happens when you lose your patience is that she will start crying and make you even more frustrated. You may end up saying things that you really don’t want to say in what is probably the most emotionally fragile time of her life.

What is key number two? Relax! Everything will be fine, the nine months will pass and financially things will work themselves out. So don’t let yourself get stressed out. If you can relax you will find that your wife will be more relaxed as well and the pregnancy will be smoother.

Let’s finish up by talking a little bit about physical changes that will probably happen. Your wife will get bigger! There are some women who don’t, but most of them do.

She will probably eat enough for more than two people and will probably get pretty fat, but don’t let it bother you! As we now know your wife will be pretty sensitive about everything so don’t even make references to fat to be on the safe side.

All you can really do is just pray that when it’s all over she will want to get back to the way she was and hit the treadmill. So just pretend like she hasn’t changed at all and if she asks you if she’s fat just tell her, “You’re prettier every day!” That should buy you some time to change the subject.

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Every woman is different and will handle pregnancy differently. So you really will just need to be sensitive to your wife’s needs. It’s a very difficult time for both parties, but if you relax and have a good sense of humor about things you will find it much easier.

So take care of your wife, look forward to your new baby, and know that you wife will return to normal eventually! I hope this has helped a little bit and shown you that you are not alone.

Billions of men have gone through the same thing that you are going through now and they came out the other side even happier! Take heart, take things one day at a time, and you will survive your pregnancy!


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