Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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I’m going to teach you how to start affiliate program marketing, step by step guide for beginners. I’m going to share experience on the best ways to get started. So if you’re wondering where the most profitable affiliate program niches are or what the best affiliate program products to promote should be, or even, what’s the best platform to use to get sales and customers, then this post is for you.

Basically i’m going to teach you the actual steps by step to start affiliate marketing for beginners, and I’m actually gonna be sharing, what the most profitable niches are, the best affiliate products to promote, the best platform to choose, so there’s quite a lot we will discuss in this post today, so make sure you read this post to the end.

And if you’re smart, not only are you going to read this post till the end and take notes and listen intently, but you’re also going to take action right after you finish reading this post. If you were to read this post and not take action afterwards, then it’s basically useless.

So no matter what knowledge I give you, make sure that you take action after reading this post to actually apply that knowledge that you have just learned.

What Is Affiliate Program Marketing

So the first thing I want to talk about is, what is affiliate marketing? affiliate marketing is just referrals, you are expected to recommend products and services that you already love and you already use to other people, whether it’s people on the internet, whether it’s your friends, your family, and you will get paid a commission.

Lets talk about Amazon Associates, Amazon Associates is simply an affiliate program, It’s actually one of the oldest affiliate programs which was started in 1996 And basically, it allows you to link anything from Amazon’s Marketplace as an affiliate link, and you can post this link on your website and if people click your link and buy anything from Amazon within 24 hours, you get a commission and the commission depends on the category of the product which you referred them to.

The commission pay ranges from as little as zero or 1% up to 10% at the max. I’m going to get into that in a little bit more, and I’m going to talk about low ticket versus high ticket, but just to explain affiliate marketing. All the biggest companies in the world have an affiliate program, examples are Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Bose, Sephora and the list goes on. You can literally type up on Google a company and then search affiliate afterwards to find these programs. I’m going to show you guys some products that actually pay 30 to 40% or more.

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

I love this type of business because it is one of the few true passive income business models out there, because you’re the affiliate. You’re not the company, which means you don’t have to create your own products and services, which is great. Especially considering myself, I consider myself pretty lazy when it comes to having to create my own products and services but to be honest, if I had to choose one or the other, I would rather just have an awesome company with an awesome product or service and just promote them instead.

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So it’s basically very hands-off. Since you’re not the company you’re only the affiliate, you only sell for them, you can just focus on marketing and sales. And that’s just one aspect of the business, you don’t have to worry about managing customers, customer service, dealing with refunds, exchanges. There’s no headaches, there’s no hassle, there’s a lot that goes with having your own company.

Though most people would probably choose to just rather make money and make a full-time living from selling than having to do the whole song and dance of creating a company. And i know it.s definitely a lot of headache and stress that most people would probably not want to take on. So with that being said, another aspect of affiliate marketing that I love is having low overhead. You can invest as little as you want or as much as you want in order to start this business and grow this business. Now theoretically, you can actually start affiliate marketing for free. And I’m going to teach you how to do that.

How To Start Affiliate Program Marketing

Now I don’t recommend that you start for this business with $0, because it’s basically the slowest way to get results, but if you have at least 100 or $200, you can do a lot of things. You can create a full website for less than $100. A website, it’s going be the key asset in turning your affiliate marketing campaign into an actual business. So with that being said, you can invest that into either creating a website or you can invest it in a software.

If you want to skip the whole website thing and go through a software to create landing pages, sales pages, to get you up and running in no time. And I’m going share that later in this post.

You can spend as little or as much as you want. Because at the end of the day, since you’re the affiliate, there are no product expenses. So when you sell a product as an affiliate, you don’t have to go to Amazon and buy the product and then ship it to the customer. Instead, Amazon is the one who has to handle the fulfillment. Which means they handle the customer, they handle the sales, they handle the refunds, they handle the shipping and distribution, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

All you have to worry about is people clicking the link and buying stuff off Amazon. Again, you get everything that they buy within 24 hours of clicking that link. You don’t have to replace the link, you don’t have to renew the link and get new links. It’s literally the same link that’s been here for years. For over two years, same link, haven’t touched it. It’s still getting clicks and still getting sales. So, with that being said, that is why I love affiliate marketing.

It’s a win-win-win business model, because if you’re a company and you have an affiliate program, it’s only gonna help you because you don’t pay affiliates unless they make sales. Now that’s one of the best forms of marketing that you can do for a company, when you don’t have to pay unless you get results. It’s awesome from a company perspective.

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As an affiliate, you get to make money without having to deal with the stress of running your own company. And as the customer, you get hooked up with the best products and services.

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Guide

Let’s move on to the actual step-by-step guide, the first thing I want to say before we get into this is that the first three steps which you will go through will be 1. choosing a niche 2.choosing a product, and choosing a platform. These are the most important steps out of this whole process.

What Are The Most Profitable Niches?

The most profitable niches in affiliate program marketing by far are software and digital products. There you go. Now, there are other profitable niches. In fact, every niche can be theoretically profitable.

You can literally do knitting as your niche and it can be profitable, but the level of profitability is going to vary, and I think that in my experience, software is the highest-paying affiliate product niche, and the reason is this, Software companies have lower overhead than a brick-and-mortar or a physical products company, why? Because when you create a one time software, it can serve multiple, multiple customers.

You create a software one time, it can serve 10, 20, 200, 20,000, two million customers without much cost other than your server costs. But everything is relatively low overhead. Versus let’s say you had a T-shirt company, you sell T-shirts, every single time you make a T-shirt, you have to make a new one from scratch. And you have to pay five, $10 to make the T-shirt, whatever it costs, but you have to pay that every single time you make a T-shirt, it doesn’t replicate.

Software replicates very, very, easy and it does not add much cost when you add one more new customer. So software is allowed to basically pay huge amounts of money to affiliates, because they know that when customers buy software, they subscribe to a software, they tend to stay a customer for many months if not years.

And that lifetime cost is actually the customer value, this is worth hundreds of dollars, so they can pay affiliates on the flip side hundreds of dollars as well to acquire that customer. So that being said, software and digital products works very well.

What Are Digital Products?

There are digital info products that are very popular these days, such as an online course. If some of you aspiring entrepreneurs are in an online course, chances are there is an affiliate program. And the affiliate program probably pays around 30% of a product’s sales.

So if you’re selling a course that costs $1,000 as an affiliate, you get a sale, you get $300 just like that. I’m going to give you guys a concrete example of how much it takes to make $300 with something like Amazon Associates versus a high-ticket software. But with that being said, software and digital products tend to pay around 30 to 40% commission. And some of these are monthly recurring, which means, when you get a customer to sign up under you, you get paid every single month they remain a customer. You’re getting passive income every single month, you don’t have to get a new customer. You can just stick to the ones you already have. So that’s pretty cool.

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How To Choose A Product

Lets move on to step number two, which is choosing a product. So you want to go with a winning product that already has a history in terms of affiliate marketing that other affiliates are doing well and there’s proof of it on the internet. Because this means that the company probably invests into their affiliate program to make sure that they are actually serving affiliates. Because there’re companies out there that really do not care about their affiliates and they do not care about their affiliate program. Let’s say you’re getting a lot of clicks but you’re not getting any sales, maybe you’re not getting paid on time, theses are all issues that you can have as an affiliate.

Luckily, there are companies out there that have very proven affiliate programs and you can find affiliates who have made tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, from a single affiliate company. And that just shows you that their affiliate program is very solid.

So you have to make some research, make sure that the affiliate product you’re promoting is not something new, it’s not something that hasn’t been proven before and that no other affiliate has been successful with, instead you want find products that other affiliates are already promoting and having success with, because it’s a lot easier to model success than reinvent the wheel.

How To Choose A Platform

So the third step we will talk about is choosing a platform. Having a YouTube channel, this is a platform you can utilize and use it to post content and build an audience and engage with that audience and create more content then rinse and repeat.

Having an email list, that’s creating a platform. You’re using your email list to connect to your customers. Having an Instagram account, that is another platform. So, with all this being said, what is the best platform to choose? Because you can either have a website, you can have a YouTube channel, you can have an Instagram, or you can actually just skip straight to having a landing page. This is kind of a hybrid. A landing page is kinda like having a website, but having it be more specific.

This will be all for today, i will continue this talk in another post. i hope you learned a lot from this post..see you in my next post.


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