Intermittent Fasting: The Path To Weight Loss

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Intermittent Fasting: The Path To Weight Loss, Women who feel they need to lose weight often fail to do so for a variety of reasons. For many of us, there is a lack of patience and a general expectation that immediate results should be seen.

When we do not see or feel immediate results, we tend to lose interest in the diet program, regardless of how successful the program may have been for other individuals.

Intermittent Fasting To Weight Loss

Starving our bodies of much needed nutrition is one way in which women, seeking to lose weight, will attempt to achieve the look and feel they desire, only to fall back into the trap of over eating.

While starving our bodies of essential nutrition may be useful is shedding water weight in period of intermittent fasting, starvation is not appropriate beyond a few hours.

In fact, most women, upon starving their bodies of nutrition, will fall back into a phase of overeating, leading to even greater weight gain. Hunger does not have to be a part of dieting.


To feel hungry when dieting is a clear indication that your body is sending to you; a message that more nutrients are needed.

The Key To A Healthy Weight Loss

The key to healthy weight loss, then, is not to limit the quantity of food you intake but, instead, the types of food. It is a fact that thin people also eat.

The difference between those who are thin and those who are obese is, as a general rule, quite simple; eat when you are hungry and choose nutritious food products that will shove off hunger for several hours.

In other words, learn to eat sensibly and regularly. So, how is this done? Eating sensibly and regularly is not a process we are born with. Learning to create healthy eating habits takes time.

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For this reason, women who seek to lose weight should focus not on the aspect of weight loss but, instead, focus on learning a new lifestyle; the habit of healthy eating.

Because a habit is an automatic process, we must learn to focus and change our automatic subconscious and choose foods that are healthy, in a habitual manner.

To create this habit, you must consciously train, focus and obtain the support your need; much like attending an addictions class.

Weight Loss Via Will Power

Will power is the driving force behind the several weeks that lean to a habit change. Once our bodies are programmed for the habit, then the will power will become much less of a focus.

The key, then, to successful weight loss, may lie in just the three or four weeks it takes to create a new health habit of sensible eating. So, for women seeking to lose weight, take these first three or four weeks, with no expectations to lose weight and, instead, focus on learning healthy eating techniques.


Into doing so, your expectations for weight loss will be significantly decreased and you will learn a more health approach to living which will, ultimately, lead to a much thinner and happier you.



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