Fake Love – How To Identify Fake Love

Signs Of Fake Love
How to identify fake love

So many people in our society today do not understand the meaning of fake love, today i will be telling you the signs of fake love and what it feels like, so when you get to meet fake friends, family members or partner in a relationship you will know them.
i know very well that most people come into our lives and pretend to be angels, and as a result of that we find it very difficult to understand their mission in our life, until we become so burnt with their fake love and hopes.

Fake love is something that is now so common in our day to day life, mostly around us, a life whereby friends and family members pretend to love you. Some give you false hope and even tell you how grateful they are to have you in their life, but deep down in their heart they don’t care about you, but only want to get something from you and then walk away.

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             Signs Of Fake Love In A Relationship

Too Self Centered, 

  1. When a partner is too self centered and never cares about you or anything that concerns you which will not benefit him in anyway, Then you are in for fake love


     2. A partner who does not respect you is a red flag and this is also a sign of fake love, Love comes with beautiful things and not dishonesty, rudeness and lack of respect. 

these are the signs that are mostly common in a fake relationship, and could also be found among our family members.

                             Fake Love Among Family Members

This is the hardest set of people with fake love but sometimes we get to see the other side of love in few ones.

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Family are the most closest people to you
they are the first to celebrate with you, the first to also console you whenever you go through hard times.

However fake ones acting all smiley get close to you for information which will be used against you in the nearest future.

                                    Fake Love In Marriage

 This is the rarest institution to find fake love, but sometimes the unfortunate ones deals with it and if they’re lucky enough, they come out as survivals. 

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When your spouse is full of fake love, you begin to deal with jealousy and most times it ends up in domestic violence. Everything you do becomes worthless in his or her eyes


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