Common Cold – Causes And The Symptoms


Common cold is mostly caused by a tiny, living virus, commonly known as rhinovirus. Rhinovirus is believed to be responsible for about 50% of colds. Though there are Other viruses that can also cause colds including parainfluenza, influenza, coronavirus and respiratory syncytial virus.

Most times people stay home due to cold. Researchers say the estimate of Americans with common cold has risen to One billion a year.

                         Causes Of Cold

The Causes of cold starts when a virus attaches itself to the lining of your throat and your nose.
Your immune system defense the body from germs, sending out tons of white blood cells to fight against the virus.

If the first attack fails, your body will send in a second army, therefore making your nose and throat inflamed and creating so much mucus. 

Common cold can also be transferred to you from another person who is infected with it.
It can happen by just a mere touch of a contaminated surface. You can also get it through physical contact with someone who already has it.
The weather can consequently contribute to cold too.

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             The Symptoms Of A Common Cold

The symptoms of common cold differ as our body react differently to cold virus
because there are more than a dozen of viruses that can cause common cold.

Most times the body reacts by triggering the release of chemicals which then makes the blood vessels to leak and create much work for the mucous glands.
Colds are so common because the human body can never be able to build up enough resistance to all of these viruses.

Below are the most common symptoms of a common cold, however, Some people never gets to deal with any kind of symptoms
when they are infected with the common cold virus. That’s maybe because their immune system reacts in a different way to the virus.

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Dry Throat and Sore Throat, Most times the first sign of incoming cold is experiencing dry throat during then, it sometimes includes
sore throat.

Blocked Nose And Headache, Blocked nose is the second most common sign which then leads to mild headaches.

Feeling Tired is also a sign that comes with the common cold, though this signs is rare, but when it happens. it is mostly associated with the common cold.

         Prevention Of The Common Cold

Over the years statistics has stated how very difficult it has been to develop a working vaccine
that can help avoid catching the common cold. However this has proved not possible as there are plenty
of viruses that can cause a cold

below are some precautions that can help you to avoid catching the common cold.

1, Always Wash your hands and keep them clean.

2, Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.

3, Never touch your face, especially your mouth and nose.

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4, Make sure to Eat plenty of vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables to help your immune system stay strong.

5, Make it a priority to avoid close contact with anyone infected with a cold

Go see a doctor if you notice any symptoms of a cold, However treatment only provides a temporary relief of the infection as
Good hygiene is the best prevention.


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