Pregnancy – Early Signs And Symptoms

The Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

Today we will be discussing about pregnancy and the early symptoms and signs of pregnancy.

Every woman is different, So are the signs of pregnancy. Are you  wondering if you Could be pregnant? 

The best proof is to take a pregnancy test. 
There are numerous pregnancy test devices in a pharmacy near you, you can also get it online. I recommend you get the digital one called Clearblue which shows you how far the pregnancy has gone.   

The most common first sign of early pregnancy is missed period. But even before you skip a period, you must having been hoping or suspecting that you’re pregnant.

Though not every woman experience the same signs or even the same signs from one pregnancy.
Below are the description of most of the common early signs of pregnancy. You should also know that most of these symptoms and signs may be caused by other things aside pregnancy.

The fact that you noticed most of these symptoms does not actually mean you are pregnant. The best proof is to take a pregnancy test. Get It Here 

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       Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

Missed period.
If you are a first time mom, days and weeks passed without the start of an expected period, you might be pregnant. However, this symptom can be misleading if you don’t have an regular menstrual cycle.
But if it comes with swollen tender breast then consider yourself pregnant.

Belly Cramps
After conception, the fertilized egg will attache itself to the walls of your uterus thereby causing spotting and most times little cramps. This is called implantation bleeding which happens from seven to 14 days after the egg is being fertilized. This cramps comes as menstrual cramps, so some first time moms mistake them and the bleeding signs as the start of their period and beside bleeding you may have noticed a milky white discharge from your vagina. This is commonly related to your vagina’s walls thickening, which starts almost immediately after conception.

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Hormonal Change
When a woman is pregnant, Mood swings are most likely common. The flood of hormones into your body in early pregnancy can make you unusually weepy and emotional.
Hormonal changes signs in early pregnancy can make you feel bloated, which is similar to how your body might react at the start of a your menstrual period.

  Felling Tired
This is also one of the most common signs of early pregnancy. You can start feeling unusually tired as from one week after conceiving. This is often related to high level of a hormone called progesterone. At this time it is very important to get much rest and eat foods that are highly rich in iron and protein which can be helpful too.

  Morning Sickness (Nausea)
This is also one of the most famous symptoms of early pregnancy, fortunately not every woman gets it. No one knows the exact cause of morning sickness but pregnancy hormones seems to likely contribute to this symptoms.

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Nausea in pregnancy may start at any time but mostly during the early hours in the day.

You could notice all of these symptoms and signs, or maybe only one or two of this symptoms and yet not pregnant. But if it becomes worrisome talk to a doctor.


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